10 Of the Top Famous Deaf People

Top Ten Deaf Famous People

The Deaf community isn’t without their celebrities, some are from modern day glitz and glamour while they walk the red carpet in diamonds and suits. Others are from a different time shrouded in history and stories set in anthropology text books. They share the common ground of making waves, and setting their success’s among a place in humanity, becoming role models, heroes, inventors, actress’s, songwriters and much more. Here are ten of the top famous Deaf people in no particular order.

  1. Thomas Edison – Thomas Edison suffered from Scarlet Fever as a child that damaged his hearing severely to the point of being deemed deaf. He believed that hearing made him a better and more intelligent scientist.
  2. Marlee Matlin – This Academy award winner became deaf when she was a young 18 months old. Her performance in “Children of a Lesser God” landed her the prestigious title.
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven – One the oldest famed composers was entirely deaf when he composed the 9th symphony. He began losing his hearing at 26 and was completely deaf by age 44.
  4. Heather Whitestone – Miss America 1995 was the first deaf woman to ever win the title of Miss America. She lost her hearing when she was 18 months old.
  5. Katie Lecrec – Katie starred in Veronica Mars, a highly popular TV series in the 2000’s. Meniere’s Disease is the contributor to her hearing loss.
  6. Phyllis Frelich – This actress won a Tony Award for her presence in “Children of a Lesser God.”
  7. Linda Bove – Loving known as “Linda the Librarian” this actress introduced us to sign language on the popular children’s series Sesame Street.
  8. Helen Keller – The American author, activist in politics, and lecturer was born with both her sight and hearing but after a bought with an serious illness at 19 months she lost both and became the first deaf and blind person to receive a bachelor of arts degree.
  9. Lou Ferrigno – Unknown too many the original angry green man “the Hulk” is deaf.
  10. Paul Stanley– This KISS band member rock and rolled his way to fame. Despite being completely deaf in one of his ears.

Being deaf doesn’t leave anyone in bad company, with many different people all in different walks of life the Deaf community has some very prominent historic importance. Thomas Edison to Paul Stanley himself can proudly retain the title of deaf on this list of few of the many top famous deaf people from history to now.

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