Deaf Facts

Facts About the Deaf You May Not Have Known

Almost twenty two million people in America alone are Deaf, or hard of hearing to some extent. With such a vast number of people sharing the same quality you can bet there are some interesting and surprising facts about Deaf history and their contributions to modern day society. It affects both men and women, children and elderly and has a culture that is not only beautiful but is completely unique in its art, literature, language and even behaviors. Here are the ten best facts surrounding Deaf culture:

  1. A liberal arts college for the Deaf named Gallaudet University was the originator of the “huddle” we see while watching football. They didn’t want other team to see each other’s signs/ plays thus the protective “huddle –up.”
  2. American Sign Language has been recognized and linguistically defined as a completely separate language just like English, French, or Spanish.
  3. Beethoven was profoundly deaf when he composed the ninth symphony.
  4. William Hoy of the Cincinnati Reds was the original creator of the hand signs in baseball that are still in play today.
  5. Deaf drivers have a better driving record than hearing abled drivers.
  6. The telephone originally created by Alexander Graham Bell was meant to be a hearing aide type device for his deaf wife and mother.
  7. To make up for the lack of hearing deaf people have vastly better senses. It is proven that their touch, smell, and taste is all heightened to compensate for being deaf.
  8. Scuba divers are known for using and teaching ASL for use underwater, as it provides a way to communicate and aids in underwater safety.
  9. John Gregg the inventor of shorthand writing is also deaf.
  10. They are proud to be deaf! Deaf culture is so profound because of its constant positivity, support and advocating of themselves and each other. Those who identify as Deaf are not ashamed and recognize that it is not a disability, but a way of living!

If you are studying ASL or are looking to learn more about the beauty of Deaf culture and the people behind the movement there is no shortage of valuable information online. When we take the time to really immerse ourselves in another person’s world, it can be a wonderful surprise to see the kind of information we unearth!

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