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AutoXGen Review Question Please - Work At Home Opportunity - What Is It Like? Scam? True?

by Jamie R.
(Denver, CO)

Hi, I do not have a business yet, but I want ask you about this program called AutoXTen, Auto X Ten, Auto X Ten, and also sometimes named Auto Ten 10 ...

Is this an affiliate program and/or a scam? Is this something that can really make me rich? Is it really only $10?

Jamie R.


Reponse from our marketer here at FCD

Hiya to our Deaf peeps!

So we know that many of you are looking for jobs right now, and many of you are interested in online jobs. Sometimes there is the newest hottest 'product' or opporunity online, and sometimes it sounds SO exciting that we feel we better join it!

This topic is about the new program that has launched as of July 15, 2011 known as AutoXTen.

So what does this program promise?

Here is a typical letter we got from several Deaf friends so far via e-mail and Facebook:

"Hey guys!!

I have a VERY, VERY GOOD NEWS for you !!!

Would you be interested in making $10,000 OVER and OVER for a one-time fee of $10.00 ?

Of course, you would, so, read VERY carefully...

The spillover is massive!

The company is already at nearly 70,000 members in just over 3 weeks

There is no Monthly Fees...No Auto Ship...No Quotas

It is free to join right now, pay later

Only $10.00 when we upgrade

You get your $10.00 back with the first person that falls in your down line no matter who referred them!!!

We work a 2 step program that will get all our members to $200K. Get 4 referrals and upgrade on launch day, simple as that

50% MATCHING bonus paid 2 levels deep!


We know these people above us as our sponsor.

Really, the Comp Plan explanation is super simple....you can actually view it much more easily than explain it. Go here

http://www.AutoXTen.com/XXXXX <----this was an --affiliate code--, but we have scratched it out, of course

Scroll down near bottom of that link page, you can ignore through past the video, as it's all just pep talk anyways :):) and see the numbers and how they multiply thru leverage.....pretty sweet deal.

But it is all based on inviting - it's a 4x4 forced, follow-me matrix, so the sooner you get in (five days til we launch), and bring in as many people as you can to fill those 4 tiers that you see in the photos images -- will bring you that much money, plus a 50% matching bonus from AutoXten. Simple as that! :) :)

Your $10 entry fee isn't even due yet; just load up your Alertpay account, or open one, which is the payment processor they will use; have at least $10 + a couple dollars in Alertpay fees to transfer your money.

Below the picture graphs of the money potential says that it's the smartest to pay the full funding of all tiers at $150 at funding time, which I'm going to do, but alot sic of people will just pay the $10 and let their commissions carry them up thru sic the upgrades til the full $150 is paid.

I just joined AutoXTen and I am very excited about this program. I know these people that I have joined with. It is a simple thing to do. You pay only $10, once you get 4 people under you or more the merrier, you will get that $10 back, and more coming in.

This is all started by this person who started this to paying it forward to help others who are jobless. There is no monthly fees or auto-ship at all. Unless you want the subscriptions of each month, but that is separate. If you have more questions, please contact me: somepoorfool@email.com

There is a clock at the website that shows the invitation countdown! Just ____ days to really rock this thing by inviting all your friends and family and advertise, or however you invite, so everyone will invite their 4 people. It's going to be a BIG PARTY! :-) :-) LOL!


And you can retire sooner, a lot sooner!!! I can promise you that and we know the owners of AutoXten....please get yourself a cup of coffee and go to our website:

http://www.AutoXTen.com/XXXXX <----affiliate code removed via XXXXX

Drop everything if you have plans and ACT... You will thank me everyday the rest of your life...

If you have any questions, please contact me either email: somepoorfool@email.com

Text me: 720-555-5555
VP me: 303-555-5555

Your Former Friend

What do you think of this letter? Comment here:

So is AutoXTen a Scam or Not?

Ok, here is the review on AutoX 10 online program:

Number one, this is not a true MLM program.

A LOT of folks don't realize that MLM is not bad!

The reason why folks think MLM is bad is because of others who have TRIED to hide their money grabbing schemes from the innocent, by PASSING IT OFF as an MLM program. These are called Pyramid Scams.

IS AutoXTen MLM? Or is it a Pyramid Scheme?

This is a Pyramid scheme. If one doesn't know the difference between the two terms above, then you are already in trouble for falling for future scams.

With MLM, there is a product to sell. And when folks buy from you, or join under you and also sell products, you get commission from their sales as well. Nice! WIN-WIN!

However with Pyramid Schemes (or Ponzi Scams) -- There is no product to sell, therefore this isn't a 'downline'. Downlines make money.

Recruiters for pyramid schemes do not make money on any second or third levels (or tiers).

Excerpt from resource below:

"There is NO REAL PRODUCT to be sold. It?s recruiting and recruiting only."

So if you bring in more people to spend their money, who gets it? The top part of the pyramid folks - NOT YOU!

Let's put it this way? WHAT do you get for the 'cheap' investment of $10?

Not a product, nor a service. What you get is permission to bring in more people, (ruin relationships, due to pestering others to join under you), and supposedly get paid for it.


You cannot make a steady income in this. Do you think that you'll be doing this 2 years down the road from here? Nope, it's not sustainable. There is nothing to really sell, and no way to advance = Pyramid Scheme Scam.

And why send this to me? I'm not looking to get any richer, I'm already my own boss and very successful for past 8 years. I warn my clients about things like this ALL the time.

This also means you / they are trying to make money from ME and all the other 25 people you're permitted to send this to on Facebook.

Imagine how many others get bombarded with this nonsense via e-mail!

By offering it as an 'opportunity' to us, I don't think it's the intention to make 'us' rich 'with the deliverer of an invite like this', but to pull in lots of others so that they can get the money - that isn't even there.

This makes friends want to un-friend on Facebook, when people do this. Or others will think that these 'inviters' FB account was hacked, even though it isn't. People get tired of all the spam, scam, and useless inbox mails sent to FB and our personal e-mail accounts.

-----Know this: If I didn't care for someone as a Deaf-same, I'd have not taken 90 minutes to carefully type all of this.-----

If it were that easy for everyone to turn $10 into $10,000, don't you think we'd ALL be rich already?

I could write ten more pages on why this type of 'opportunity' will not work. But instead, how about you who try this AutoGenX, report back to us in about 3 months and let us know how this went for you?

I promise, it won't get people far. Only the first level people, as is true for most Pyramid schemes. You also can't make money from 26,000 people already on the second level. It's doomed from the start, and these people already know this.

The ONLY people who are going to make money from this program, are the folks who CREATED this scheme.



"With no repeat consumable products and no chance of a pure retail side of the business, businesses such as AutoXTen WILL be collapsing shortly IF/after it gains any momentum."



"With founders Scott Chandler, Brett Robinson and Jeff Long all having a history in internet marketing, AutoXTen?s products thus seem to be self authored and geared towards marketing the AutoXTen opportunity itself."

And It's also not "Just $10" --see below--


"# Level 1 ? 4 members paying out $160 each (total $320 with $160 set aside for level 2 entry)

# Level 2 ? 16 members paying out $160 each (total $2560 with $320 set aside for level 3 entry)"

OH and get this: "If your downline surpasses you on matrix level rank, you lose matching bonus commission." :-O


"As you fill each level of your matrix, you?re REQUIRED to PURCHASE one of AutoXGen?s products. This happens automatically and your money to fund the product purchase is taken directly from your level commission."


There is NO way to earn a quick and rich living, without either:

a. Hard work (but smart work), over a consistent time range

b. Luck, such as: winning the lottery, or a rich relative leaving you lots of money.

Remember, if something sounds "Too Good To Be True", it most likely IS.

Best wishes,
FCD Team

What do you think of this AutoXTen 'Opportunity'? Comment below!

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