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[Colorado Deaf Social News & Events], Vol 8; Issue #0625 -- Deaf Golf Tournament, Summer Social..
July 24, 2014

Colorado Deaf Social Network Events -- Vol 8; Issue #0724

July 24, 2014

aka "Free Colorado Deaf News Website"

Ok, let's get started!


Hello there,!

Happy July, 2014!

Here is the Deaf Colorado Events, Job Offers, and News for right now:

Please see the infos below for the most recent updates of events of Deaf in all of Colorado!

1. Deaf & Signing Events

2. Deaf Job Openings

3. Deaf Roommate Ad

4. Deaf Businesses in Colorado - And List Yours! :-)

5. Deaf Churches & Churches With Interpreters

6. Deaf Friendly Places

7. Fitness - Deaf friendly

7. List Your Deaf Colorado Classified Ad!

8. Extra misc

9. Weekly Deaf Chats



ASL Tours at the Denver Art Museum- Community Survey

Here at the Denver Art Museum we are planning to launch an ASL signed collection highlights tour in October and are seeking community input to align this new programming best with community need. We would so appreciate it if you could please complete and then share this below linked survey with anyone you know interested in ASL services:

For questions, please contact

~ Summer Social Night

Mile High ASL is BACK to host again this Summer! Hoffbrau Bar & Grill Colorado is a newer and bigger place than previous place. It recently opened last May with bigger dance floor, stage, more room to party, same great food, and more entertainment included pool tables, some of games, and live music.

Just walk-in and find us with ASL around this new place anytime. Grab your friends and/or relatives who know ASL or learning to use it. Everyone is welcome!

Don't miss this great event during this Summer....

Your host, Rudolfo Tapia, Jr

Colorado Concealed Carry Classes for the Deaf Community

by Matt Isborn (Greeley Colorado)

Hello, I am providing Private Concealed Carry Permit Classes and Handgun Training to the Deaf Community in Colorado. I believe I am the only NRA Certified Instructor providing this service in Colorado. I am looking to get the word out to the Deaf Community and need your help!

Please email me at for more information!

Hearing person learning ASL seeking deaf roommate


My name is Megan. I am 23 years old. I am a hearing person. I have taken two ASL classes and I want to learn more!

I am from Southern California, but I will be moving to Denver to begin my academics this September at the University of Denver.

I plan to move to Denver at the beginning of August and ideally find a place to live soon after arriving. It would be lovely to live w/ a Deaf person or Deaf family so that I can regularly practice my ASL skills as well as learn from you too!

I plan to attend more ASL classes (if my schedule at the university permits me to). Otherwise, I shall look into being involved in the deaf community in other ways. Maybe you can introduce me to your world =]

As for what I am looking for in a potential place to live, here it is:

Move in between August 9th and no later than August 17th <$500 month to month rent (let me know what the deposit will be if any)

*Utilities included (wifi is a must for schoolwork) *Private bedroom *Private bathroom *Parking (I have a small scion xB) *Not too far from the University of Denver

I probably will not be home very much since I will be juggling school and work, so I won't be a bother. I am respectful of people's space and know my boundaries, but I hope that we can still have some time to know each other and communicate more than just roommates =]

If you are interested in taking in a kind-spirited, pleasant, hearing person, please contact me via email and if you have any questions for me, ask away!

Thank you!!


Looking for responsible, laid back and friendly Deaf roommate

I am looking for someone to be roommates with starting this summer. I am a 24 year old female student at Metro State and keep very busy with that, so I want to keep home peaceful, not party although I don't mind if you occasionally drink or smoke or have people over or whatever.

I just need to be able to focus on school, that is the most important thing for me right now. I am just seeing if I have any luck with this. I would be looking in the Denver area, surrounding area is fine too, I just need to be able to get to school easily.

About me, I am quiet, friendly, hard-working and honest. Good sense of humor and get a long with most people :)

I would be looking for either a place in a home someone owns or rents out, or an apartment 2 bedroom. I'd be able to afford $400-450/month for my half.

I am lonely and need a roommate and move with u, good time.

I am deaf, 49 yrs old, lonely. I dont have any friend. But I mostly have hearing friends alot.

I need move out and good time and enjoy meet new faces, and looking for job, etc.



Denver Art Museum Deaf accessibility Sally McCance Denver, CO

The Denver Art Museum has large print transcripts in both English and Spanish available for the Modern Masters audio tour (show closes June 8) and The American West in Bronze audio tour (show closes August 31); free with general admission for use while in the exhibition.

The Denver Art Museum will be introducing an ASL signed Collection Highlights tour on a monthly basis beginning in October and is seeking community input on the day and time of that tour.

Contact Sally McCance at if you are willing to take part in a survey.

______________________________________ ______________________________________

Learning ASL for Law Enforcement Job

I am hearing and took ASL in high school and college. I have a "Deaf Studies" Certificate so I have decent basic skills.

I am applying for law enforcement jobs and I know the only way to really become proficient is to sign with others.

l live in Denver, willing to come to you or webcam.

Thank you for your time!


Hearing person with desire to learn ASL!


My name is Megan. I am a hearing person. I currently live in California, but I will be moving to Denver around the first week of August to settle in before beginning my academics at the University of Denver.

I have taken two ASL courses at the college I attended here in California, and I absolutely loved it! I very much want to continue to learn the language as well as acquaint myself w/ fellow friendly signers (Deaf and hearing!)

I do not have my class schedule yet so I am not sure which days I will be available to take an ASL class, but it would be nice to have someone to contact once I do have things figured out.

If I cannot attend a regular class, I would still like to be involved w/ the Deaf community in any way I can. Any guidance is appreciated =]


KODA families: Deaf single parent of a hearing middle schooler

I am new to Colorado. I have moved here to Littlton and in search of jobs but also for other deaf families that have hearing teenagers. I want to make friends with deaf parents with hearing middle school age ( or close age) so my son can also make friends .

contact me by email or text 571 258 9110 or vp 480 264 0142. I would love to hear about social events that are geared to KODA families

Looking forward to meeting you and joining in the social support group..

Maria (deaf mom) and Kenny Jr. (hearing middle schooler)



Seeking Deaf Employees! Todd Barker Colorado Springs, CO

I am looking to hire at least two deaf people for an aircraft detailing job at Colorado Springs Airport. You must live in Colorado Springs and have your own vehicle! Be aware that the job is very physical - if you can do physical labor on airplanes, then please contact me for an interview at:

Email: deafaviator (at) Text: 720-412-1790 VP: 720-235-0673 (Leave a video message)

Looking forward to hearing from you!


ASL Teaching Position for 2014-2015 school year - Highlands Ranch

by Kevin Cary (Highlands Ranch, CO, USA)

Hello. My name is Kevin Cary. I am a Dean at Mountain Vista High School in Douglas County School District.

We currently have an opening for a teaching position for ASL at the high school level for the 2014-2015 school year.

I am hoping that you can help us get the word out so that we may find candidates to fill the position.

Mountain Vista High School

Douglas County School District

Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

This position is a 0.6 FTE. This person would be teaching alongside our current ASL teacher who has been here numerous years.

You may go to this link to read the job description and to apply:


Looking for Host Home for Deaf Female

Fun work opportunity

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to commute to and from your job every day? Have you thought about working with an individual with disabilities to increase their quality of life?

Would you be good at promoting independence in a young adult’s life?

We may have a great work opportunity for you. Become a host home provider and have someone move into your home.

This paid position would be to work with the individual and their team, so it’s not all on you! It’s a very rewarding job!

We have a young lady looking for a host home. We need a host home provider who is fluent in American Sign Language and has connections to the Deaf community.

Preferably, it would be a host home with single, female provider. This individual has great communication skills, and with the lack of others not signing ASL, communication has and continues to be her greatest challenge.

The team feels that she would excel and flourish in an environment that allows her to communicate face to face in ASL and be understood all the time. She needs a lot of attention from her friends and providers.

For more information, please contact Lisa Turk at Rocky Mountain Human Services. 303-636-5743 or

lturk at rmhumanservices dot org


Job Opening Full Time Independent Living Coordinator/Deaf Services Specialist

Mile High Independent Living Center has an opening for a full-time Independent Living Coordinator/Deaf Services Specialist.

ASL certification required, plus a bachelor's degree -or- 4 years experience in Independent Living.

Contact Melanie Tem, Executive Director, at 303-800-4704 or for more information.


Host Home Program Specialist

I am looking for someone who knows ASL that would be interested in being a host home provider for a women that is hearing impaired.

Responsibilities; client moves in your residential home. You are paid a daily rate to help this person with day to day care, helping with personal care, medical appointments, meals and medications.

If you are interested and would like to learn more please contact Tammy Wyatt at 720.274.2255 or

__________________________________ __________________________________

Need Someone Part-Time or Full-Time to Help Me Make Sales

Hi, my name is MJ and I own a product that is printable baby sign language posters. I am in need of spreading the word about these sign language posters. I will pay 50% of ALL sales that you make for this site.

So, if the product is $40, and you sell the set of poster/charts, then you will make $20, no ifs, ands, nor buts.

If you make 5 simple sales, that is $100.

If you sell 10 sets of the posters, that is of course, $200 in your pocket. Part time is easy, as you can see.

If you have a related website or newsletter about ASL, Sign Language, Babies, Parenting, etc: it will be easy for you to make several sales per day.

I will pay you faithfully every two weeks on the nose.

Please see here for more information:


Thank you very much for letting me post this ad.

MJ Williams

____________________________________ ____________________________________


(These are not job offers, they are jobs to learn about.)


1. Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook


2. Photography Master Class


3. My Camera Biz


4. How To Create iPhone Apps With No Programming skills? .

Do you know this boy?

He is Robert Ney, a schoolboy, 14, who designs iPhone app video game that has been downloaded TWO MILLION times

Bubble Ball is the name of the game.

If eight grader can do it - SO CAN YOU!

Hi there

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Mike, iPhone & iPad Game/App develop

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______________________________________________ ______________________________________________


I'm looking for date Deaf Lesbian

Nicole Sue Gray Temperance Michigan USA

Hey Everyone,

This is My Real Name is Nicole Sue Gray. My Nickname is Baby Cole. I'm 20 years old and My Real Birthday March 30 1994.

I'm Full Deaf + Sign Language! I am born in Fremont Ohio But We are moved Temperance Michigan in March 1, 2014!

My Parents are Divorced while we are moved Michigan in March 1, 2014. I have one cat and two dogs!

I was Straight When I was 7 years old though 15 years old! But I was started Lesbian.. When I was 16 years old But I was Bisexual.. When I was 17 & 18 years old..

But I just decide I still lesbian for now because my ex-girlfriend did cheat at me for two times.. I don't like lies, fool, two faces and hide from me!

I always truthful and proved to each other.. But I still single in two months! I still hard searching for woman only. I have my ooVoo, Skype, Kik, and Ntouch VP!

If you needs talk with me and just let me know.. I just nice person, friendly, always happy, emotions, fun chat, truthful, proved to each other and angry problems because of backstabbing my name and get up all the night/morning Because of Trash at 5am for Every Tuesday + Friday and I have to wake for My Mom at her work at 7:30am Tuesday + Saturday.

So Thank you for reading this my story. :)

By: Nicole Sue Gray :)

More photos here:


**Note from CDSN, this person is not from Colorado, so please be sure to get VP# first! We will not take any responsibility for any outcomes of the dating pages on our site.**


Looking For A Good Deaf Man

by Cheryl Brimmer (Thornton. CO)

I am Cheryl Brimmer, I have been deaf all my life. I have lived in Thornton CO for seven months.

I am divorced. I am 67, but don't look it. I have 2 children. My daughter is Deaf. She is an attorney in deaf education.

I am very funny when I am with people who have a sense of humor. I like to travel, go to the museum to walk a lot, knitting, playing computer games,and going to deaf events. I love cats but I don't have any.

I have a bubbly personality to meet deaf people anywhere. I am very caring and like to help people who need someone.

I would like to find a deaf/hoh man who has been so loyal and treat me as good as i would treat him.

I hope i will find him soon.

Several pictures of Cheryl here:


Hearing Woman Looking for Deaf Man

I am a 25 year old single woman. I am looking to meet someone and see where things can go. I work full time and I am a college student.

I love spending time with my friends and family, going to baseball games, playing roller derby, reading good books, eating yummy food, and doing anything new or fun. The 1Up is my new fav. place to go down town.

So, here is the thing. I am not Deaf. I am hearing. However, I know and love ASL. I am not sure the PC way to go about this, but I would love to meet someone who is Deaf to be friends with and/or date.

I have a lot to learn about ASL and the community, but I do know somethings and really would love to learn more from a sweet, handsome guy!

eMail and Picture here:


Deaf Single woman age 49 Looking for Deaf Man

Hi, My Name is Kelli Hancock , 49 yrs old and Deaf..

I havent date or boyfriend for eight yrs now.

I have two wonderful children. One my Daug, name is Belinda, 25 yrs old and have two kids..

I am become grandma.. One my Son, 16 yrs old , he is 6'4..

I am Disablity, not working but I want to look for get a job ....

I was looking for right man for me , respect, open mind, gentle, make me happy, trustworthy, show me love, laugh, no smoke, ok social drink....

require on vp call me 540-352-3771...

also Do yu trust in God.. I do trust in God..

I was looking for love than money... it isnt important money and I was look for love of god...

Thks, Kelli

Photo here:

[Note from FCD: Please note, this person is not from Colorado, and is from Rocky Mount, VA. Kelli is smart to require VP first! This ad will be left here as some folks have requested that they don't mind long distance relationship. Best wishes!]



Seek New Friends Deaf

Hello Deafies

My name is Cindi I seek for good deaf ppl who is open mind good chat interest who is enjoy good life

I look for right ppl call me serious seek new friend my vp is 7202350584

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________


Let’s support our Deaf Owned Businesses right here in Colorado! :-)


Deaf Physical Therapist/Caregiver Available - Denver Area

by Adria Hendrickson

Hello, my name is Adria Hendrickson, MSPT (fluent with ASL) and I'm available to provide private physical therapy services as well as caregiving for the elderly and the disabled, in the home within reasonable distances.

Please contact me at 720-472-0784 (text only please) if interested. Rates vary based on needs and is negotiable (please note that I do not personally accept health insurance for private services in the home).

I also provide physical therapy services in a clinic called Cherry Creek Wellness Center where they accept health insurance.

Ad here:


Self-Employee Cleaning Huff - Thornton, CO - Deaf Business

Maid for hire cleaning senior citizen apartment or houses.

We can clean bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens..

We also mow the lawn, plant flowers, and help tidy up the yard. Make an appointment. We can schedule for you. We are open: Monday Thursday Friday - From 8 am to 5 pm. Let us help you clean your home.

Read more here:


Shelton Computers Repair for Deaf - Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Denver

Read more here:


Anna Blueberry Graphic & Media Design Services - Deaf Owned - Colorado

More here:


Weimer Law Firm LLC

Weimer Law Firm LLC is a Deaf-owned law firm in Colorado and we serve many deaf and hard of hearing individuals and families with their legal needs.

We handle criminal defense and family law cases in Colorado and Wyoming. We also represent clients in federal administrative law, civil and disability rights, employment discrimination, immigration, and mining law matters around the United States.

We offer wills and trusts along with business law and personal injury representation in Colorado, Wyoming, Maryland, Connecticut, and Washington, DC.

Please visit our website at for more information.


Littleton, Colorado - Mystique Salon - Signing Hairstylist by Jane Geary

I'm Jane Geary. I'm hard of hearing.

I'm hairstylist for over 22 years. I recently moved to Littleton from East Bay Area, CA.

I work at Mystique Salon 9789-A W. Coal Mine Ave.,Littleton, CO 80123. Phone 303-325-3795. $10 off for Haircut and $20 off for color services. I can sign but slow. Please call for an appointment.


I do have cosmetology license. I can sign.

If you have problem with communication about the hair. I would be happy to serve you.

I'm here to help you what you like.


$10 off haircut for new client $20 off color services for new client

Mystique Salon 9789-A W.Coal Mine Ave. Littleton, CO 80123 303-325-3795

Photo at:


My Blossom Bottom - Deaf Owned Business in Greeley, Colorado by Audrey Schaellibaum

Bright Star Baby diaper Cloth Diapers For Healthy Babies and Toddlers!

We retail (sell) washable/reusable cloth diapers for newborn through toddler ages.

We also educate the parents/caregivers about why cloth diapering is better for their children. Many people did not know that single-use disposables which contain harmful chemicals that has long term health effects. Please contact us for more information - we offer free in-home consult.

VP 970.373.5271 866.269.0464

Text 970.313.3401

Picture at:


Camrose Artes Infinitae Deaf Artist in Denver and Longmont, Colorado

I am a deaf Artist and Photographer who specializes in Body Paint Photo Shoot Portraiture. Please see my website: for a slide show of some of my works.

Text me at 303 243 2240 or email me at

Anything You Can Imagine! I can Paint!

Awesome photos pictures at:


Deaf Vibe from Denver, CO to Colorado Springs, Colorado by Matt Miller

We work with Deaf clients to help them succeed through two year career colleges and on to a rewarding career.

From help making an admissions appointment and securing financial aid on through graduation and eventual job placement, DeafVibe is here to help!

Contact Matt Miller, the Midwest Regional Director, at

Pictures at:


Black Mountain Family Dentistry - Denver, Colorado Deaf-Owned Business

Affordable dental care for the entire family...Always accepting new patients and emergencies welcome!

Dr. Danielle Schwartzenberger is a hearing impaired dentist and has been the solo owner of this practice.

Check us out at as well as

Logo here:


Deaf Owned Business, Denver, CO - ** Z's Unique Tiles ** by Zulius

Custom Designing and Installing Tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. I have a portfolio and come highly recommended by many here in Denver.

If interested contact me via or text 724 931 0655.

**Free Estimate. * Over 20 years of Experience.


Julia Cameron's Magical Mystical Massage Deaf CMT by Julia Cameron Damon (Longmont CO)

I am a deaf Certified Massage Therapist who is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed Boulder College of Massage Therapy and I have also Traveled North America studying other forms of massage.

In addition to the Classic Swedish Integrative Massage which is my forte, I am certified in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with I learned on the Island of Kauai and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy which is deep tissue massage done with the feet, using bars above table for balance and leverage.

So, clients may choose from:

1 Classic Swedish Massage

2 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

3 Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy.

Text me at 303 243 2240 or email:


Signing Works - Deaf Sign Language Dolls With Hearing Aids

My name is Emily Paige and I own Signing Works Inc in California. We make the "I Can Sign" doll and bunny.

Our dolls are all hand made in America, with hearing aids ;)

We have had such breakthroughs made with our signing dolls and bunnies.

We are working to supply a doll or bunny to every signing child.

We are currently working with the Lions clubs across the nation to help accomplish this.

We would love to introduce ourselves, since we are a new company.

Please check out our site: and our news coverage.

(We are in the process of updating our web site, we have a temp one up now with products, pictures and news coverage.)

Here is more info us below: Our relationship with the Deaf began 30 years ago when we were in the ministry. Through the years we have maintained those friendships, and our appreciation for the deaf culture has deepened.

We will always be grateful to those we met and the inspiration they gave.

Signing Works, as a business, began in 2009. The I Can Sign Doll© has lived in our hearts and minds for much longer. Our conviction was that deaf and hard-of-hearing children needed a doll that reflected their unique abilities.

We happily discovered that hearing children, as well as those with special needs, love them just as much.

The I Can Sign Doll© is our first endeavor. Other projects are underway. Each is designed to promote the deaf culture and to make it more recognizable throughout the world.

We invite you all to be a part our success through asking questions and making suggestions. A seed you plant might be the next great idea!

Thank you for being a friend,

From all of us at Signing Works

See cute photos here:


ONLINE Work-Study Listing

Please join me and learn how to make a a true work-at-home-website:

(Note from editor: This link and program were confirmed. Also confirmed with the BBB. Always be careful with work at home claims and scams! We will not take responsibility for any negative outcomes. This company is confirmed and safe. That's the ONLY reason why we permitted it here.)

You may also post your businesses, whether websites, services, or MLM, however the MLM company MUST be confirmed, not linked to any scams, and have true products. We do not accept any listings for pyramid schemes. Please don't even try to get us to list those. Thank you!)

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Do you have a Deaf-Owned Business here in Colorado?

Such as for example(s):

• Photographer?

• Web Designer?

• Computer Services?

• Pet Walking Services?

• Baby Sitting/Nanny?

• Tupperware?

• MaryKay?

• Cleaning Services?

• Landscaping?

• Tutoring?

• Other job?

List your Colorado Deaf-owned business here!

NO CHARGE to list your Deaf-Owned or Deaf-Friendly business, if you are a resident of Colorado. :-)

And then join the Deaf Entrepreneur Marketing Group here for Deaf business advertising tips and more at LinkedIn:

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Added to Interpreter Listing:

Jenny Ballew, NIC, RID K-12, A:EI

cell/text: 720-975-4860

Serving Denver and Boulder areas

Catch up on ALL the Deaf Colorado events here!

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________


Flatirons Church of Lafayette, CO!

LOTS of Interpreters! LOTS of Deaf! Never need to call first or never worry about no terp - this church has Interpreters EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, on BOTH Saturdays at 5pm AND on Sundays at 9am!

Saturday 5pm is good for sleepyheads who prefer to sleep in on Sunday morning! :-)

LOUD Joyous music, friendly people, friendly Deaf, Deaf events, etc!

Sign language interpretation is available in the early evening 5:00pm Saturday -OR- 9:00am Sunday services at the front left section of the Auditorium.

Also included are free bagels, cream cheese, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cookies, etc! Yum!

Interpreters are also available for most events, workshops, etc.


Flatirons Church Deaf Worship Services is located at:

355 W South Boulder Road Lafayette, CO 80026

Tell them that Free Colorado Deaf Social Network (FCDSN)website 'sent' you to Flatirons and get your free "Me Too" T-shirt!


Victory Church 11777 Sheridan Blvd. Westminster, Colorado 80020

Services are Interpreted for the Deaf.

For more information, contact Jolene Gralund at or 720-347-7935 text message or visit

Interpreter provided in Worship at 9 a.m. every Sunday.

Also Sign Language Class will start September 12th, every Wednesday Night at 8:15 p.m. to 9:30p.m.

Beginning. Where Vista room in Victory Church. new-updated.html


Westminster, CO - Tri-City Baptist Church Each Sunday, there are interpreted services for the Deaf.

The Bible Study hour and both the AM and PM Worship services are provided in American Sign Language. Pastor's sermon slides are also available in Adobe PDF format.

During worship times there are reserved seats for the deaf ministry at the front of the sanctuary between aisles 4 and 5. This is where the interpreter will stand. The Bible Study hour class meets in the Fireside Chapel.


Orchard Church in Brighton or Henderson Colorado

Interpreted Services for the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing by Annie Brobst - Interpreter

Join us at Orchard Church Brighton CO The Orchard Church

Interpreter available for 9:00 am services on Sunday - call ahead to request interpreter.

We meet at Prairie View High School in Brighton Colorado 12909 East 120th Avenue Henderson, CO 80640

Please join us to learn more about God's Word for your life!

Just starting a Deaf ministry and we would love you to come!

email - to make sure an interpreter will be there.


All Deaf Churches or Churches With Interpreters Found Here:

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________


Yoga in ASL Olde Town Arvada

Shanti Home Yoga Studio hosts Yoga in ASL every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm with Sarah as our guide.

All levels of yoga and sign are welcome! Each class is focused on what the participants are wishing to accomplish for the day, whether that be relaxation, strengthing, or learning more about the basics and philosophy of yoga.

Please come join us!!

Shanti Home is a community based studio, classes are donation based with a suggestion of $8-$16 per class.

7504 Grandview Ave. Arvada


Cycle Burn ASL Friendly Arvada Colorado by Amanda

Cycle Burn in Arvada Welcomes Deaf!

This is an ASL Friendly cardio class with low impact on a stationary bike.

Want to shed a few pounds? Burn a few calories? Get a great cardio workout!

Come try Cycle Burn! Low impact and great energy. The more you do it, the more energy you will have.

Great fun meeting others and getting in shape in a motivational environment!

There's lots of sweat, but no tears, in this no-stress class. All skill levels.

Welcome to bring a friend, or better yet, bring some Deaf friends. I am skilled in ASL, so come check it out!

Space is limited to 15 stationary bikes, so arrive early. :-) ASL provided by Cycle Burn Instructor

Every Saturday

8:15am - 9:30am

Apex Recreation Center

13150 W. 72nd Ave, Arvada CO 80005

Appropriate exercise clothes and shoes. Please, no street wear. Please bring water bottle!

Cost is $6 for residents of Arvada and $7.50 for non-residents. For more info please contact:

Amanda Matthews Cycle Burn Instructor Text to 303-968-9515

[Note from Deaf Social Network editor: we could not tell if this is the correct contact text number, as the ad was very hard to read. The address seems clear though. Have fun! Flyer at: ]


Deaf Movie - "The Spirit Of Love" Facebook page. The more of us join, the better chances that this Deaf movie can be put into THEATERS for EVERYONE to see and have access to!

Just ask Darla how you can help spread the word of this heart-touching movie:

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ DEAF CHATS


ARVARDA WESTMINSTER ASL ENTHUSIASTS welcome signers of all levels!

The goal of this group is to sign, play games, stay connected with the Deaf community, learn about Deaf culture, and everything in-between.

I just have started taking American Sign Language lessons but I thought, the more, the merrier. Planning to meet at Arvada Brewing Company .

Email me if you are interested:


Denver - Deaf Chat Coffee

What: Mile High Rainbow Society of the Deaf Social

When: Every 1st Saturday, 6:00 PM to Closed

Where: Diedrich Coffee 1201 E 9th Ave Denver, CO 80218

Details: Deaf Chat Coffee will have get-together for fun at Diedrich Coffee every 1st Saturday from 6:00 PM to closed.

The location is 1201 Easter 9th Avenue in downtown of Denver. It is open to everyone.

Hosted by: Mile High Rainbow Society of the Deaf.

Email at


Deaf Social Chat in Superior

What: Weekly Deaf social

When: Every Thursday, 7:00 PM to whenever suits your fancy. Where: Old Chicago in Superior, visible from US-36.

100 Superior Plaza Way, Superior, CO

Details: Everyone with all levels (including beginners!) in ASL are welcome as this is a family atmosphere!

Sit back, enjoy the food, and sign with us!

Cheap $1.00 Colorado beer for those over 21!

Hosted by: Greg Bland, Laura Odum, and Martin Mikelsen. Questions? E-mail


Rocky Mountain Deaf Happy Hour

What: Rocky Mountain Deaf Happy Hour

When: Saturdays; 5pm to 2am

Where: Dave & Buster, 2000 S Colorado Boulevard, Retail Complex, Suite D, Denver, CO 80222

Details: Deaf Chat in Denver, CO.

Hosted by:;


Castle Rock Deaf Chat

What: Castle Rock Deaf Chat

When: Please contact for more information

Where: Castle Rock

Details: This is to bring out the Deaf community that exits here in Castle Rock and to network, get to know each other. Bring the kids and lets chat!

Let your Castle Rock Deaf friends and sign language friends know about this.

It is a great way for ASL students to practice their sign language as well.

Hosted by:

Teacher, Castle View High School / SIGNews Staff writer


Deaf Social in Castle Rock

What: Deaf Social in Castle Rock

When: Every Friday, 8:00 PM till 1:00 AM

Where: Fowl Line Sports Bar and Restaurant 774 Maleta Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80108-7679

Details: It will be in Castle Rock, Colorado at the Fowl Line. I think this restaurant is deaf friendly and they are happy to have us meet there.

The menu has many great items such as salad, sandwiches, and pizza.

They also have a full bar in case anyone would want a drink. Please come out and join us for a great night of fun. Everyone is welcome.

Hosted by: Contact Joeline Chavez for more information at


Northern Colorado Deaf Mens' Breakfast

What: Deaf Mens' Breakfast

When: Please contact for more information

Where: Northern Colorado

Details: Please contact for more information

Hosted by: Contact Charles Watts by email: for more information.


Northern Colorado Deaf Womens' Breakfast

What: Deaf Womens' Breakfast

When: Please contact for more information

Where: Northern Colorado

Details: Please contact for more information

Hosted by: Contact Anita K. Beery by email: for more information.



Mile High ASL

by Rudolfo Tapia, Jr.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rudolfo Tapia, Jr., a founder of Mile High ASL. I'd like to post a promotion about Mile High ASL group on Facebook. We already reach to one thousand members. That's expandable!

About (MHA), you able access on our group page to check out an event information, pictures, videos, and meet ASL people. As well as you can post your event, business, or non-profit organization.

Feel free to join us and spread your words about it!


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